May you receive hope and comfort knowing you are not alone.


Exhausted mornings

Impossible sleepless nights

Bitterness and sorrow

Stealing your appetite…

You wrestle with God and ask him, why? 

A broken heart is no fun. Suddenly you find yourself on this lonely, dark road, grieving the loss of companionship. Rejected.


I have been there. Not once, but a few times. And although today my heart is mended, it took a lot of work and faith to get to where I am.  I look back and thank God for all the grieving my heart had to go through. I learned so much through that process of healing. That’s why I wanted to write this. From sister to sister, I want to share hope through some practical actions that can help you in your own healing journey.


Every breakup is different. I don't know the nuances of yours. But God's truths are unchanging, and I am confident these practices will be a blessing to your soul.


May you receive hope and comfort knowing you are not alone.


Lots of love, sis!


Constanza Herrero




Constanza Herrero (Nerdahl) is an Australian/Chilean singer and songwriter.


Though she has made a career as a musician, Constanza's deepest passion is her faith in Christ and encouraging others in that same faith. Whether through sharing her original music or writing devotional content, the goal is to build others up in Christ. She in particular has a heart to bring a sense of companionship and encouragement to those going through hard times, pointing them to the joy and peace they can have in Jesus.


For a decade, Constanza has been serving the local church, focusing specially on young adult ministry, as a worship leader and discipling college girls.


These days Constanza is living in Los Angeles, California, weaving together music with ministry, and enjoying a new pace of life as a newlywed.

kind words from readers

“You are sure to find encouragement as you read this book! Constanza speaks to the real pain of hardship, brokenness and grief as she beautifully points our hearts and minds back to our only hope—Christ.”

- Jinger Vuolo

Author of The Hope We Hold

"Constanza does an amazing job in giving us tips from her own life’s experience but most importantly walking us through the living Word of God which is the only means for salvation and for true everlasting healing. ”

- Arlenys C. Buckelew

Host of Ordinary People with Extraordinary Lives Podcast 

“ Life is full of great joys and great sorrows, seasons of bright sunshine and dark grey clouds. A broken heart is a heavy burden to bare. In this short book, Constanza, so helpfully and honestly speaks from her heart to ours to help us to lift our eyes to God. And through 10 helpful steps find rest, peace and healing in him. An encouraging reminder for all of our hearts.”

- Eryn-May Wicks 

Women’s Minister. Perth, Australia.

"In her book, “What to Do with a Broken Heart”, Constanza not only offers help to the hurting from her own personal experience, but also leads them to the only source of true comfort, the infallible word of God. For those who desire hope in the midst of heartache, I highly recommend this resource."


- Christy Hoeks

ACBC Biblical Counselor



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"What a blessing, though perhaps in disguise, it is to be on our knees before our loving God with a broken heart. It is then, and only then, that we understand that he is the only one who can pick up the pieces."


- Constanza Herrero